December 13, 2012

Black Sheep - guest post by Kia Zi Shiru

Today I welcome Kia Zi Shiru to the blog to talk about her newly released Black Sheep novel.

Thank you for having me here, Brooke. Today I’ll be talking about Black Sheep: Letting go of the Past and how I came from writing the trilogy as a serial to publishing it in ebook.

Back in the days that I started out writing Black Sheep there wasn’t much market for gay fiction, not as far as I could see anyway. What I did encounter was a lot of writers writing serial stories for free online. Even though I wanted to get a traditional publishing deal I also didn’t feel like keeping Black Sheep to myself for all this time. And since I believed that most traditional publishers weren’t interested in gays, let alone gay teens at the time (back in 2008) I decided to join the horde and serial publish Black Sheep online.

December 3, 2012

not dead, still writing

Just thought I'd update you since it's been a while.

Still working on the novella. It's kicking my butt.

I think I worked out whatever problems I was having with it this last week, and hopefully, now I'll actually be able to move forward. Goal is 1000 words a day from here on (possibly tomorrow on, since I have to finish editing the last 8000 words of what I have), so if everything goes to plan, I should finish in three weeks. I know I planned to have this done already and out to beta-readers, but it seems that I never can stick to plans. So who knows when this thing will actually be finished.

I'm aiming for publication in January now. Because this has been so difficult to write (who knew?), it's pushed all of my other deadlines back. Still plan on editing The Wizard's Heart once this is done and published, and then I'll move on to The Guild Conspiracy. Everything has just been pushed back another month. Surprise, surprise.

Other news, a writer friend of mine is having a giveaway over on her blog. Win some books! (One of them is mine):

That's all for now.

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