April 20, 2011


Sometimes, life gets hectic. It happens to pretty much everyone. And when it does, writing may get pushed aside. It does for me. Somehow, April is a really busy month for me, and I can't seem to find the time to write for long periods of time.

I have the following things that must be done by next Friday:
  • Create the ePUB file for Hogglepot Issue 1, Volume 1.
  • Move the editing services page from my blog to Hogglepot.
  • Read Hogglepot submissions and dole out rejection and acceptance letters as needed.
  • Finish critiquing Darby's manuscript.
  • Prepare Thursday D&D sessions.
  • Purchase vest materials for Renaissance Faire costume.
  • Sew the vest for my costume.
  • Cut out and sew skirt, blouse, and vest for my friend's costume.
  • Purchase materials for tunics for our husbands.
  • Cut out and sew tunics.
  • Finish fantasy short story. 
  • Read two books (Deadworld and Alice-Miranda at School)
Somewhere in all that, I have to write a blog post three days a week, try to write every day, take care of the garden, do dishes and laundry as needed, and cook dinner every night. Thank goodness I don't have a day job, or I would never get anything done.

I've had to take things off the list as some things become more important than others. Unfortunately, when I'm in a time crunch, I move writing to the bottom of the list. If the words are hesitant that day, then I leave the computer and work on something else. I don't have time to sit in front of a blank screen for more than ten minutes. I didn't write at all on Thursday and Friday because I was working on other things. I hate not writing, but when push comes to shove, writing is the least deadline-oriented. I try to keep it my top priority, but life gets in the way.

When life gets hectic for you, do you still make time to write, even if it means something else may not get done? How do you cope with priorities?


  1. I started a new job in mid-March, and I think I've only had 3 writing sessions since then. I know EXACTLY how you feel, but I'm afraid I can't offer any great advice...I'm sad to say that writing is also the first thing to get bumped from my list, mostly because no one else is affected by whether or not I'm writing everyday (whereas my family, my employer, and the boys in our scout troop all depend on me to get stuff done).

    The one bright side to this (the way I see it) is that the writing time I do get is precious and much more productive than usual. And I tend to enjoy writing more when I can't do it as much as I want.

    Hope things calm down for you!

  2. A list of similar length, plus a dayjob: that's my life!

  3. Well, you can dump critiquing my manuscript. There is no rush. Frankly, I think sewing costumes for the Faire a higher priority. I am so jealous!!!!