March 2, 2012

february sales

Now that it's March, you get to see my total sales for the month of February. I did a bit better than January, so that's a good sign, but I don't expect to see an exponential rise or anything. If I did, well, that would just be awesome.

February Sales for The Clockwork Giant

Price: ebook $4.99, paperback $10.79

Kindle: 9 copies; $30.96 in royalties
Kindle International: 0
Nook: 2 copies; $6.48 in royalties
Smashwords: 1 copy, $4.06 in royalties
Third-party through Smashwords: 0
Createspace: 7 copies (five of which purchased by my grandmother); $24.22 in royalties

So, nineteen total sold, making $65.72 in royalties for the month of February. Reviews are still coming in nicely, still with a four-star average. Amazon is still my biggest vendor (surprise, surprise). All in all, I'm pleased with how my book is doing, especially considering I'm doing little to no marketing. And honestly, I don't plan on doing any more marketing than I am: 1) I don't want to spam my social media feeds, and 2) I'm really really lazy.

Maybe my sales will continue to go up. Maybe they won't. I'm happy as long as I'm selling a handful each month. Multiple handfuls are better, though.

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