April 9, 2012

march sales

March wasn’t too bad of a month as far as sales go. Nearer to January’s sales numbers, which is fine. I have a feeling sales will just sort of taper off after next month. Which is cool. I need to stop obsessing over how many books I’m selling and write the next one. A hard truth to accept, but I think I can manage.

March Sales for The Clockwork Giant

Price: ebook $4.99, paperback $10.79/$11.99 (depending on where you buy it)

Kindle: 5 copies; $17.20 in royalties
Kindle International: 1 copy; $1.75 in royalties
Nook: 3 copies; $9.72 in royalties
Smashwords: 0
Createspace Expanded Distribution: 1 copy; $1.06 in royalties

So, ten sales in all, scoring me $29.73 in royalties last month. And to express just how quitting your day job to write is a bad idea, since December, I have made $305.26 selling 89 books. But I’m realizing now that it’s not about the money. It’s about the actual distribution of the book, the fact that people are reading it. Does that mean I’ll drop my prices to $0.99 or make it free so that more people will buy it? Nope. I still feel like it’s worth the $4.99 price tag. When the second book releases, I will drop the price, but no lower than $2.99. Maybe when I have ten books out, I’ll drop the price lower. But that’s a long way away.


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