October 29, 2012

another blogging hiatus

Quick post today.

Due to the fact that I need to get this novella done as soon as possible, I won't be blogging until it's finished. Hopefully, that will only be three weeks of not blogging, but it is possible that it may take all of November to finish the first draft. Blogging is just another distraction right now, and I think that it's best for me to let the blog sit quietly for a while so that I can concentrate on writing.

To keep up with my progress, follow me on Google+ or Facebook, whichever is your preferred network. I post daily updates on both sites. I may still vlog. It takes a lot less time than blogging, and I only do it once a week anyway. I am doing a short story reading for Halloween, so look for that on my channel Wednesday.

Like I said, I'm aiming to be done with the novella before the end of November. I would like to release it mid-December, perhaps the 18th, if everything is done by then. One major thing: I will only be releasing the novella as an ebook this year. Sometime next summer, I will release a paperback of the novella bundled with several short stories. Those shorts may or may not be released in ebook form. I haven't decided yet.

I do have a title for the novella now, and a (working) cover, so while I'm gone you can admire that. :)

Back to work for me. I'll see you when I'm done with this draft.


  1. Right then. GET TO WORK!

  2. Very cool cover. Look forward to reading more when you return :-)

    Happy writing!