January 4, 2013

final post?

So, fact: I don't read my blog roll anymore. I don't care to. And I honestly never care to blog again.

With the advent of Google+, I have enough room to share my thoughts as long as they might be to people who actually engage with the content I share. In the days of Twitter, blogging made sense.

The blogiverse may be thriving elsewhere, but to me, it's pretty much dead. There's no interaction, no real reason for me to post here unless I feel like wasting some time.

So, this is a post to say that I'm probably never going to post here again. I say probably, because maybe sometime in the far future, I'll feel like posting here again.

All of my previous content will be here for your perusal, and you're welcome to comment on old posts (I do still check for new comments occasionally), but you won't be seeing any new content here, at least not for a long time. And to all of you who have been commenting here, I thank you.

If you want to keep up with me in the future, follow me on Google+ or Facebook.




  1. Interesting, how we're almost opposite on this. Try as I might, I just can't devote the time to G+ that I'd like to (or maybe ought to). If it weren't for the grandkid, I probably wouldn't post anything on my blog but writing stuff… something I feel guilty about and keep trying to change. I've put >7 years into the blog, so I feel like it deserves more of my effort.

  2. I agree with Larry! I have never been able to get into Twitter at all. Facebook is okay if you want to catch little snippets of the lives of people you know. However, with the blog, I feel like I have found a medium that I really enjoy. It allows me to share pictures and stories that people can read at their leisure, and that I can go back to to retrieve pictures. I never used it as a commercial venue, so maybe for that it is lacking.

  3. Final post or not, I've enjoyed lurking and commenting when I could. You've got some great content, especially the series you shared with the heroe's journay. So whatever happens, I look forward to seeing more writing from you :-)

  4. well, the blog may come back sometime in the future, but right now, i just don't have the time or energy to put into it. i'm glad you guys have stuck with me this far. :)