April 16, 2013

Le Theatre Mecanique release day!


Le Theatre Mecanique is now for sale!

$2.99 for ebook, $5.99 for paperback

From the author of The Clockwork Giant, explore another facet of Chroniker City and experience the drama of the world’s first fully-mechanical theater! 

Solomon Wade struggles to support his adopted family, the only one of his foster siblings able to work the grueling shifts in the subcity boilers. But he doesn't want to shovel coal for the rest of his life.

When Le Theatre Mecanique hosts open auditions for their upcoming production, he decides it's time to give his dreams a chance, but his lack of talent lands him a part-time position as the theater's custodian instead. Broom and dustpan in hand, he studies the actors during rehearsals, and with the encouragement of a budding young actress, he practices to improve his acting skills.

But when his younger sister's illness develops into pneumonia, her life depends on treatments Solomon can't afford. Leaving the theater and abandoning his dreams may be the only way to save her.

* * *


Amazon US : http://www.amazon.com/Theatre-Mecanique-Chroniker-City-ebook/dp/B00CD99V3S

Amazon UK : http://www.amazon.co.uk/Theatre-Mecanique-Chroniker-City-ebook/dp/B00CD99V3S

Amazon CA : http://www.amazon.ca/Theatre-Mecanique-Chroniker-City-ebook/dp/B00CD99V3S

Barnes & Noble : http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/le-theatre-mecanique-brooke-johnson/1046493012

Kobo : http://www.kobobooks.com/ebook/Le-Theatre-Mecanique/book-p-v91PK9-EKvpb1BD_bPHg/page1.html

Smashwords : https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/306714

(Due to wonky formatting with the Smashwords edition, which I unfortunately cannot fix: if you purchase through Smashwords--and eventually Apple and Sony--and you would like a better formatted version of the book, please email me at brookenomicon@gmail.com with proof of purchase, and I can send you either a MOBI, EPUB, or PDF.)


Createspace eStore : https://www.createspace.com/4178594

(the paperback should be available through Amazon in 5-7 days if you would prefer to purchase through them.)

If your Amazon store is not listed above and you would like to purchase the book, please let me know, and I'll link to the book in the comments.

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