February 3, 2015

Voyager Valentines Dating Contest

A handful of Harper Voyager Impulse authors are hosting a Voyager Valentines Dating Contest for our readers. The prizes are many, with giveaways at most of the blogs.

To enter, read the dating profiles below--the two main characters from my forthcoming steampunk novel The Brass Giant: A Chroniker City Story--and then match any one of them with a character from another author's blog. Once you pick your match, all you have to do is leave a comment on the corresponding blog, naming the two characters you think should go on a date. Each comment serves as an entry for both author's prizes, and you can match up all of the Harper Voyager authors' characters, or just one pair.

The contest runs until February 28!

The Prize: I'll be offering a $5 Amazon gift certificate for one lucky commenter, since my book is not yet available to buy (though you could totally pre-order it for only $2.99 if you wish!)

Name: Petra Wade
Age: 17

What is your job/career? I work as an assistant/shop girl at Stricket & Monfore's pawn shop, but I want to work for the Guild as an engineer.
Where are you from? I've lived in Chroniker City my whole life, fourth quadrant.
What do you do for fun? Build tickers, repair watches, that sort of thing.
What is your most treasured possession? My pocket watch. I've had it my whole life, and it's the only thing I know is mine. Someone gave it to me, inscribed my name it, but I don't know who.
Who was your childhood hero? I've always been fascinated by Ada Lovelace, a woman mathematician and scientist, as well as Lady Chroniker, the engineer-granddaughter of the city's founder.
What's your favorite childhood memory? Summers at the beach, just me and my brother Sol playing in the sun and sand. Sometimes I wish I could go back to those years.
What is your ideal home? Quiet. Spacious and silent, with nothing to bother me while I work.
What did your parents do? Don't know. I never knew my parents. I was raised by a nurse, and she became a foster mother to me, and to my siblings. Now she works as a charwoman.


Name: Emmerich Goss
Age: 19

What is your job/career? I am a student engineer at Chroniker University, newly assigned to the Guild.
Where are you from? I grew up in Wittstock, and then me and my family moved to Chroniker City when I was young.
What do you do for fun? Go to the pub with my friends. I like to read as well. Nothing like a good book to forget the rest of the world.
What accomplishment are you most proud of? The wireless control-apparatus I fashioned for my automaton.
What is your most treasured possession? A journal my uncle gave me. I've had it since I was very young, and it's where I put all my mechanical designs.
What is your favorite book? Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne
What's your favorite childhood memory? Spending time with my uncle, at the University. It seems like a dream world now, a place where anything could happen, when science was beautiful and the impossible just within reach. I remember the enthusiasm, the passion for machines and scientific advancement. I wish that world was still alive.

What did your parents do? My mother spends her days taking tea and shopping with her friends. My father is a politician, currently residing on the Guild Council, Minister to the Vice-Chancellor.


So, which Voyager Valentine should my characters meet up with? (Assuming we have a TARDIS, of course.)

Read the other dating profiles at my fellow Harper Voyager Impulse authors' blogs:

Choose your favorite match-up between my characters and theirs, and then leave a comment below and at the corresponding blog!

Happy hunting... er... matchmaking! ^_^


  1. Uhm, I have already matched Petra Wade with Prince Edward Charming from Happily Never After by Harry Heckel since I think they could be so different that they could teach each other more than a thing or two...or maybe not but it could be fun!
    For Emmerich Goss after reading and rereading all profiles I'm kind of at a loss...I guess the best match I could see is with Marcela Guerrero from Ignite The Shadows. by Ingrid Seymour. He seems calm enough to appreciate (albeit unconsciously) her fiery spirit and I guess she sounds reckless enough to really need his cool-blooded perspective. But, hey, I have been mistaken before!
    Thanks for the chance and the fun event! :)

    1. ha! Petra and Prince Charming. that's a fun match. she'd raise some eyebrows at his couplets i'm sure. ^_^

      i imagine Emmerich would find Marcela quite charming. he likes a girl with spirit. :D

      thanks for entering!

  2. I would match Petra Wade up with Devin Roche from Nancy Wallace ' s Among Wolves. Both are very intellectually curious.

    And for Emmerich, a good match might be Ayla Nightshade from A. F. E. Smith's Darkhaven

    1. hey Jeff! you've won the $5 gift card! yay :D

  3. I paired Petra with Jack from Thorn Jack by Katherine Harbour, because they both love watches!

  4. I agreed with matching Petra with Devin. They both seem to like studying things. Petra does seem the type to experiment vs Devin who is just gathering history. It could be an opposites attract kind of thing.