October 11, 2010

national coming out day

In honor of National Coming Out Day, I want to give a shout out to all my gay and lesbian friends, and also to those of you that I don’t know personally: I love you guys! :D

For me, this is a serious issue. Where I come from, toleration is not something you find in most people. If you are outside the "norm", you are considered inferior, and that's the truth of it. Even if you try to reason and try to explain your personal oddities, they only offer their prayers. Prayers aren't good enough when your own family doesn't accept or support you. Prayers won't change who you are, and that goes for any decision or lifestyle that goes against the grain.

Today, I declare myself an ally of the LGBT community. 

Here, you will find love, acceptance, and support.

I suggest everyone be an ally and support National Coming Out Day because there is no reason for hate and violence toward the LGBT community. The time has passed for narrow-mindedness. No matter our sexual preferences, we are all human, and we all strive toward happiness. We don’t have the right to deny someone’s happiness because of their gender or sexual inclinations. 

So, be an ally with me. 

Support National Coming Out Day.

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  1. <3 There should be more posts like these :)