October 8, 2010

when Inspiration strikes

Inspiration is a terribly inconvenient thing. Most of the time, I get Inspiration (capitalized because it is like a disease) while in the shower. The shower is not the best place to have Inspiration because it is decidedly so that ink on paper does not work well in a wet environment, nor do computers. If I can manage to hold on to that Inspiration while washing, drying, and clothing myself, that is good, but most of the time I forget said Inspiration by the time I reach my computer and open up a blank document.

Which brings me to the dilemma of the black document vs. Inspiration. The blank document is Inspiration’s nemesis. I have never been able to find Inspiration in a blank document. Kudos to those of you who can wade through blankness and blinking cursors to find it.

So how do I find Inspiration when I need it?

I type “writer’s block” into Google search and hope something pops up to help me. Rather inefficient because admitting you have writer’s block only acts as an antibiotic against Inspiration. Deny writer’s block at all costs. You do not have it. It does not exist. Stop being a hypochondriac.

I could take take multiple showers a day, but that would increase the water bill, making my husband very unhappy.

My best bet has been to not think about not having Inspiration. Once I stop worrying about it, it slaps me in the face and I’m writing again. It’s like sleeping for insomniacs.

How do you get Inspiration for a story?


  1. Everywhere and anywhere, really :D I just blogged about it the other day, I literally get inspiration from anything! :)