January 17, 2011

blog award and linkage

BookGeek over at Reading Under the Influence honored me with a blog award this weekend!

As the rules require, seven facts about me:

I have an obsession with constantly changing my hair, from cut to color... right now it's similar to Quorra's hair from Tron: Legacy

If I could live anywhere in the world, I would move to New Zealand.

I have a nerdy creative disposition to the point where I create physical items that would be found in the world of my novels or of my D&D campaigns. I have a bag of wooden, handmade runes to attest to that.

I started writing my very first novel in the eighth grade; it was titled The Fallen Empire. I never finished it.

I'm the editor of Hogglepot: A Weekly Fantasy Journal ... (come on, I had to throw that in there)

I very rarely eat red meat -- like once every few months maybe -- and I've kicked caffeine for good.

If someone handed me a million dollars, I would spend about half on books and then tell my husband someone gave me $500,000.

And, to share the award:

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I hope everyone will check out these bloggers if you haven't already.

I also have a couple to share of posts that went up today, in lieu of me not writing a post. I think both Jim and Susan make excellent points.

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  1. Congratulation on the cute award!! And thanks for passing it on! :D

    Also LOL @ telling him you got $500,000, because he totes wouldn't notice you had an entire ROOM full of books suddenly. And New Zealand is gorgeous; I've seen Lord of the Rings, I know... :P I too, started my first book in junior high. Only I rewrote mine a few times before I finally gave up on it. Might use it for scraps later on lol.

  2. Congrats! Where would you put all the books though? >.>

  3. I'd stow them at my parents' house and slowly transfer them to my office. He'd think I was buying them slowly ;D

  4. Thanks for passing the award on to me! And I love your seven things. :)

  5. I'd live in New Zealand too! I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad there for 6 months. WORTH EVERY CENT. People and culture are amazing - literature scene is awesome, especially poetry.

    And yes, I visited LOTR spots....hehehe.

    You deserve the award! :)

  6. Thanks for the award! I'm thrilled to get it. :)

    I like your list. New Zealand would be wonderful, but good luck getting $500,000 of books shipped over when you move!

  7. Thank-you Brooke! I'd love to visit New Zealand too. If I spent $500,000 on books I think I'd have to spend the rest on build a house with a room full of bookshelves to house them all.

  8. Jo, you have a much better chance at visiting New Zealand than I do! you are like RIGHT THERE! unless of course you live on the absolute northwest bit of land in Australia, then it is quite far. ;)

  9. Actually I'm on the south-east, so it's only a hop over the ocean :)