January 27, 2011

blogging for dummies

Kristen Lamb has an excellent series going on right now, all about blogging, that she updates every Wednesday. She knows her stuff, and I've learned a lot about social media from her blog.

Here are the links to that series. I'll try to keep it updated as she continues posting.

Part 1 - Meet the Bright Idea Fairy, then Shoot Her
Part 2 - Don’t Feed the Trolls
Part 3 - Tearing Up the SEO in 2011
Part 4 - The Future is Now
Part 5 - The Counterintuitive Nature of Social Media Influence
Part 6 - Maintaining Your Sanity and Your Blog
Part 7 - Fashion Faux Pas
Part 8 - Connecting with the Readers 
Part 9 - Selling Our Blog to the Readers

Update: Kristen started a new series!

Part 1 - Blogging and Maintaining Our Sanity
Part 2 - The New Fast Food of Writing 
Part 3 - Go Hard or Go Home 
Part 4 - More Blogging Cowbell

Kristen has many excellent posts on social media. She's definitely worth a read!

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