February 9, 2011

naming your characters

I woke up late this morning due to the two feet of snow smothering my house. Correlation or not, they both happened.

For some of us, naming characters is no big deal, and for others, we can't write the story til all of the characters have names. Here are some links for good character naming sites:

Behind the Name

They have a database of first names from all over the world, both modern and historical, including pronunciation and etymology. They also have a random name generator.

Seventh Sanctum

They have a ridiculously long list of random name generators, including Lovecraftian, pirate ship, wrestler, and Greek-sounding. They have many other random generators that are a lot of fun. They even have character generators, producing short profiles of various characters.

Social Security Administration

Popular baby names in the U.S. for any given year, back to 1880.

Baby Names World at Parents Connect

You can of course use pretty much any baby names website, but I like this one the best. It ranks names by current popularity, offers a user rating of each name, meaning, nicknames, related names, a line graph of the name's popularity over the years, and a poll for users about their particular enjoyment of the name.

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  1. my cat name is Perousy Hotstar...weirdly enough, that's also my call name.