March 25, 2011

hogglepot contest

As promised, I'm having a spring contest with awesome prizes!

This time around, the rules are a bit different, and the prizes are full of awesome... first, the rules!

In order to enter the contest, you must be a follower of my blog or twitter (new or old).
You must submit an original fantasy short story.
  • you can find the usual submission guidelines here
  • for the contest, the guidelines are a tad bit different
    • maximum 2500 word limit, minimum 500 words
    • only fantasy fiction will be considered, no poetry whatsoever
The contest will run four weeks from today, ending April 22nd at 11:59 pm CDT. The top stories will be posted on the blog the following week for voting. No entry fee!

All contest submissions will be considered for publication, even if they do not make it to voting. Stories that do make it to voting are guaranteed publication in Hogglepot.

And now for the prizes!

Win the contest and you win:

Grand prize: $30 in books and a miniature Moleskine notebook, shipped from the Book Depository; publication in Hogglepot: A Weekly Fantasy Journal; and a free 30 page critique

Second prize: $15 in books, shipped from the Book Depository; publication in Hogglepot; and a free 15 page critique

Third prize: publication in Hogglepot and a free 10 page critique

The Grand Prize winner gets to choose what books they want to receive, as well as what color and paper-type of Moleskine notebook they want (as long as they are available at the Book Depository).

All winners may redeem their free critique at any time for any project. Critiques will examine grammar and sentence structure, as well as characterization and plotting.

Loser Sweepstakes: For those of you that don't win the contest, or don't want to enter a story, you have a chance at a prize too!
  • If you tweet about the contest, you get your name in a hat. 
  • If you mention the contest on your blog, you get another name in the hat. 
  • If you dedicate a blog post to the contest, you get your name in the hat twice. 
When the top stories go up for voting, I'll announce the random winner, who will get the choice of a miniature Moleskine notebook, or a $5 discount on a page critique.

I hope everyone enjoys the contest! If you tweet or blog about the contest, be sure to link to me on twitter @brookenomicon, or comment here with the link.

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  1. ooooh sounds interesting. Happy to have found another incurable addict to mythology and fantasy.