March 21, 2011

new blog schedule

I love blogging. That is a fact. But I never intended to make my blog my first priority. On my list of prioritized things, blogging is supposed to come second, but either by bad time management or negligence, it's shimmied its way to the top. Writing fiction should be my first priority, not blogging.

So effective immediately, I'm paring down my number of blog posts a week from five to three, blogging on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I honestly think that blogging has affected my writing in a bad way. By the time I get to my fiction, I have exhausted my willingness to write or my mind is still in blog mode. I have noticed my writing becoming more simple since I started blogging, more journalistic rather than creative. I think the blog is to blame. And, though I love my followers here, and I love writing posts for you everyday, I love writing fiction more.

The new schedule will be
Monday: Mythology, Fantasy, and History
Wednesday: Craft, Tips, and Journey
Friday: Book Reviews, Interviews, and Guest Posts (and should I fail to have any of these, probably a fun, silly post)

I thank all of you for having an interest in what I have to say, and I hope to keep delivering quality material. Hope you're having an excellent Monday so far!


  1. I think this is a great idea, Brooke! Blogging isn't the end all, be all, especially when you're not doing it to make a living. As I've learned, blogging every day is exhausting! It's like not only coming up with a new book idea every single day, but writing it too! I'll continue to look forward to your pared down posts.

  2. Thanks Diane :) I hope that since I'll be blogging less often, each post will have more packed in. Less quantity, more quality.

  3. Oh, bravo! I admire your courage to walk away from something you love to do for the sake of your writing. Well done!

  4. I know what you mean - and I still have trouble with the few I do manage to be faithful about. Gah! But I have decided that I can't stress out over this and that getting time to actually write for my WIP is more important sometimes.