May 18, 2011

blog award and vacation update

As you may or may not know, I'm enjoying the lovely sunshine here in the Gulf of Mexico, and as far as productivity is concerned, I'm completely checked out. The inept cable guy came and replaced the modem in our condo, so I now have internet again. I can continue to blog for you wonderful people. I could have taken the week off, but I was convinced that I would still want to do a bit of work while staring at the clear blue ocean. I overestimated myself.

I didn't manage to write even a complete thought on my steampunk work in progress last week, when I still had time to do so. And now that I am here, slathering on copious amounts of sunscreen and exfoliating my toes in the sand, I want to work even less. I feel guilty about it, to be sure, and I'll probably force myself to write double my usual write goal to make up for my inexcusable laziness. I want to work on this book. I mean, I really really want to work on this book, and after this week is over, I'll have had plenty of rest and relaxation to last me for another few months, enough time for me to finish the novel.

In other news, the lovely Darby Karchut shared a blog award with me, the Stylish Blogger Award. In return, here are seven interesting facts about me:

1. I cut my own hair.
2. When I was three years old, I wanted to be a helicopter rescue pilot.
3. Purple is my favorite color to wear.
4. Green is my favorite color to look at.
5. I once visited the set of Spiderman.
6. I have never watched the end of Bambi.
7. The working title of my steampunk project is ... *drumroll* ... Chroniker City.

Since I am really terrible at passing blog awards along, respond with your own interesting facts in the comments and award yourself the badge.

May your day be blessed with rainbows and unicorns...

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