May 2, 2011

renaissance faire 2011

Luckily, Saturday forgot to bring the rain, and we were able to go to Castleton for the Renaissance Faire. This was my first, and I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. My friend Shandi and I dressed up (our husbands would have too, but we didn't have time to make their costumes). We had a blast. I kind of wish we would have stuck around for a few of the shows as we walked around the park, especially the singing pirates, but I wanted to be sure we saw everything, and by that time, we were exhausted (we still didn't see everything; we missed an entire area of the faire). We already have a plan for what we are going to do next year.

Highlights for the day:
I went shopping with the Queen of Castleton. She was really nice.
We rode in a carriage around the faire, and the King criticized my husband's lordly wave.
We tried on a few items of armor.
The jousting match was pretty epic.
Seeing the other costumes was just spectacular (I just wonder how many people actually made their own, versus spending a truckload on them).
Funnel cakes.

And, as promised... pictures!


  1. Fun! More fun that there was a castle! I haven't been to to a renfest since I was a kid! I would have spent the whole day either at the joust or in the armor.

  2. Every year, for Christmas, I ask for a trebuchet. And every year, I am sadly disappointed. What do you have to do around here to get a siege weapon, for crying out loud!

  3. @Reece, just wait until I visit the (real) castle that's being built not far from my house and post pictures

    @Darby, everyone needs a trebuchet on hand!

  4. Photos! Makes me want to go to a Renfair now, and the one this summer's too far to get to. :( But photos! Glad you got to go.

  5. Sounds like an awesome time, Brooke! I hope you had fun making your costumes :)

  6. I used to go all the time to these! I loved dressing up, too. The shows are always fun, but I feel like walking around is enough entertainment. The people at these fairs are so awesome. Glad you had a good time!