June 20, 2011

y'know... stuff

Well, I'm not allowed to work today seeing as it's mine and my husband's wedding anniversary (the first one, so it's kind of important). So I thought I'd drop in, wish everyone a spectacular Monday and see how everyone's Father's Day went. Mine was full of barbeque ribs and in-laws. Sadly, I didn't get to see my dad (he's on vacation), but I did leave him a voicemail, so there's that.

Writing update: I passed the 26,000 word mark on my novel last Friday. For those of you that don't know, 26,000 words is my nemesis. Many a novel has come to 26,000 words and never gone any further. Not sure why, but that number is evil. So we'll see if I manage to take this novel beyond the threshold of ink-spattered pages strewn about the halls of dead and maimed books, forever doomed to wallow in a pit of darkness. I'll make this a proper novel, I will. I hope to get to 30,000 this week, further if I can.

Thirdly, S.P. Sipal over at Harry Potter for Writers (who is doing a spectacular breakdown of the soon-to-be-announced POTTERMORE) tagged me in a silly little questionnaire last week, so I thought I'd pass on my answers.

1. Do you think you're hot? What is this... 8th grade? No, as a matter of fact, I do not. I find myself too silly to be anything more sultry than cute.

2. Upload a picture or wallpaper you're using. Seeing as the book I'm writing is chock-full of automaton awesome, this wallpaper seems appropriate.

3. When was the last time you ate chicken meat? Last Monday, I think. We had homemade French bread pizza with chicken, peppers, and mushrooms. Tasty.

4. The songs you listened to recently.  We'll go with albums. TRON:Legacy Reconfigured - Daft Punk, Night Work - Scissor Sisters, 21 - Adele, and various soundtrack albums: Doctor Who, The King's Speech, Finding Neverland, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Howl's Moving Castle, Lady in the Water, The Painted Veil, Atonement, Pride and Prejudice, and Becoming Jane. I listen to a lot of music.

5. What were you thinking when you were doing this? I'm really effing hungry.

So, feel free to provide your own answers to the silly questionnaire in the comments. And tell me how your weekend went, your goals for the coming week, and anything of note you wish to share.


  1. Had a nice weekend here… not spending most of it watching the kids for a change! Time got away from us both days, to the point where lunch was like 4pm. But I grilled some pork & salmon yesterday. Afterwards, I wandered around the manor and picked a gallon of blackberries — they're early this year.

    I'm 44,000 words into Pickups and Pestilence (the White Pickups sequel), and I think I'm 3000-5000 words short of the halfway point. Then the hard part comes, the second half: in which I tie up all the loose ends and try to put a satisfactory ending on the story, without making another story in the same universe impossible. Meanwhile, I'm biting my nails waiting for feedback from three White Pickups beta readers.

    OK, I'll take a stab at the questions, just for fun:

    1) You're not hot unless other people say you are, and nobody says that about me (at least where I can hear!). I think once you become a member of the Half-Century Club, you are only hot if you're very very rich.

    2) Because it's easiest to get to: the wallpaper on my phone.

    3) Had chicken last night. Chickens are evil, and I eat them on general principle.

    4) I listened to Lady Gaga's Born This Way album on the way to work this morning. At work, U2's Joshua Tree and a bunch of miscellaneous songs nobody's ever heard of.

    5) I need to get off to lunch as soon as I finish this.

  2. Hey, stranger! Sorry I haven't been around much. :\

    Congrats on 26k; I know it's an evil number but I'm sure you'll get past it. :D And Happy Anniversary!!