August 12, 2011

erm... i'm finished?

This is a rare double posting day, and it will likely never happen again. I don't think I can wait until Monday to write this because the feeling won't be the same.

So... I think I just finished my novel. Like seriously.

Turns out, it wasn't another two chapters. It was only one. One chapter. I'm done. The novel is over.

I could easily keep going, but the sequel has to start at some point, right?

And I figure it was a good sign that I was at the end when I started tearing up. No seriously. I cry. A lot. Not sure if I was crying because it's over (for the time being), or if I was crying because the ending is sad... or what.

So, I have finished a novel before, and it was an exciting time, don't get me wrong. But finishing this novel, finishing a steampunk novel is just awesome. It's a different feeling than when I finished my fantasy novel over a year ago. That was like a mad dash to a finish line, and I was just happy to have gotten there. Unfortunately, I was participating in a triathalon, and I had two races to go (revision and querying). It's different this time. I don't feel like I've completed the race yet, but the finish line is just ahead. All I have to do now is revise, which shouldn't be much of a problem since I wrote this novel slowly and deliberately, editing as I went.

The most amazing thing about finishing this novel is the fact that I wrote a first draft in four months. That, to me, is just stellar in itself. There was two weeks of plotting before that, and there will probably be a month of revisions, but that brings me to less than six months. I could very easily put out two books a year at this pace.

Again, thanks to all of you that have cheered me on while writing this novel. You are awesome.

So, I now have two novels under my belt. I feel pretty amazing right now.

Now for celebrations abound. Have a great weekend, guys!


  1. Congrats, again, Brooke. That's incredible. Someday I'll say "I knew her when."

  2. Congratulations! This is a huge accomplishment. And especially in just four months. I hope I can read it relatively soon. It'll be good to read REAL steampunk for once.

  3. Oh, congrats! I love that feeling! And a steampunk, none the awesome! I'm doing the slow, deliberate writing for the first time with my new WIP. I think it's a good way to work.

  4. Congratulations! That's great news, and so quickly, too! Go you! *mad applause*

  5. Thanks, all of you! :D

    Reece, I will be sure to let you all know when it goes up for sale, and of course, I'll probably have giveaways too. ;)

    Holly, honestly, I find the slow, deliberate writing to be the best way for me. It may take a while, but I think you cut out a lot of revision time later. Good luck with it! :)

  6. Fan-dang-tastic! That is awesome! I'm a slow, deliberate writer, too--but it's incredible how much you can get done when you set your mind to it. I'm on my second novel this year...because I just sat down and said "this is getting done" every day (well, almost every day!). I think I see that same (mildly insane) determination and even better work ethic in you! Nice going!

  7. Mildly insane, indeed ;) Thanks!