August 22, 2011

non-writing update

New blog design!

I’ve been busy working on non-writing-but-still-book-related things, including my official website. It’s a very basic website that will likely be updated every few weeks, and it will, of course, link back to my blog. My husband, being the computer genius he is, graciously worked on the website Saturday. It should go live soonish, probably in the next month. It’s mostly finished, and it reflects the new blog design. Simple colors. A pretty tree in the header. I like it. It’s professional without trying too hard. What do you think?

There are a few more things that need to be done, mostly in preparation of my book release. I need to make a Facebook fan page (gag). I know, I know. It’s a must. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it. It will take a whole five minutes, but I’m putting it off just because I try to spend as little time on Facebook as possible. Twitter is where it’s at, yo.

Other things that need to be done? Well, that’s it. I think.

I’m still not writing. I want to be, but I’m not sure what to work on. I’ve been doing a bit of plotting for the second Chroniker City novel. Just some bare bones outlining and brainstorming. I tried plotting my fantasy trilogy, but I couldn’t get my main characters from The Clockwork Giant out of my head. I figure that’s a good enough sign as any that I should keep writing in that world. However, I’m afraid of burning out. I know how I get if I spend too much time on one thing.

I have several book ideas swimming around in my head, so it’s hard to choose. Especially when I’m itching to write all of them. Coming up… The Chroniker Legacy (book two, tentative title) and book three, not yet titled; an Indian inspired traditional fantasy that I’m still trying to figure out, likely to be three books; another steampunk trilogy, based in China (ooh, fun!); a time-travel adventure; a traditional fantasy love-triangle romance; and a middle grade who-knows-how-many-books fantasy series that plays with alternate realities. Like I said. Several book ideas. And those are just the ones that I deem good. I have several bad ideas too, involving a few science fiction stories, a time-travel romance, and a literary novel, none of which are quite strong enough. Bad ideas aside, I have about five years’ worth of books (if I crank out two a year). Not bad if I do say so myself.

I might work on one of the standalone novels to get a breath of fresh air before I dive into the rest of the Chroniker City novels. I feel like I should work on something else so I don’t burn myself out halfway through The Chroniker Legacy. That’s what happened with the still uncompleted Indian inspired fantasy. I spent over a year on it, and it sucked me dry. I really don’t want that to happen again, especially not with Chroniker City.

Other than lamenting about not writing, I started reading again. I finished Kiersten White’s Supernaturally (sequel to Paranormalcy), and it was good. Not as good as the first, but middle books rarely are. I’m in the middle of reading Lauren Oliver’s Delirium. It’s fantastic. And, I don’t know if you know this about me, but I hate first-person, present-tense novels. That’s why I have yet to read The Hunger Games. I know, I know. Awful. It took me five chapters to realize that Delirium shares that point of view. Oh, it’s also a dystopian. If you know me at all, you know I tend to stay away from those. It just goes to show that one book can change my perspective, when it’s done well. And Delirium is written fantastically. I love it so far.

As for non-fiction, I have three books on writing craft on their way to my house. Writers always have something to learn.

And now, I leave you all to your own devices so I can begin my Deathly Hallows marathon. I’ll be watching part one at home, and then after lunch, I’ll head to the theater for part two. My reward for finishing my book.

Have a fantastic Monday!


  1. The blog design is good — not busy at all. I need to fiddle with mine too; I've become dissatisfied with it for a number of reasons. Haven't gotten as far as setting up an author website (and I'm also gagging at the FB fan page thing) but I need to get crackin' on both. And get set up on Goodreads.

    I've found that burnout happens when I keep pushing myself to do something when my interest is lagging. With all the projects you have, it might help to change gears for a few weeks or a month, then you can come back fresh to the main project. Getting two novels done each year sounds heavenly, I need two years to finish one simply because my BIC-HOK time is so limited.

  2. Facebook. Gagging as well. I suppose I shouldn't procrastinate any longer than needed for that fan page...but...not today lol!!!

    Very nice design for the blog and good on you to reward yourself for all that hard work.

  3. I like the new design a lot. Simple and clean. Looks like you've been busier than me with writing. I have two projects I am working on, but I've taken a break and just been on a reading binge. Have a good Monday!