October 24, 2011


My newest obsession.

This weekend, I transformed our old dining table (hand-me-down from my grandmother) into a new one, using about a pint and a half of latex paint, and half a pint of polyurethane. It took hardly any time at all and cost me about $50 total in materials, but there were lots of leftovers to use on later projects. And I went from this:

look at my handsome husband sanding away

To this:

I did a bit of distressing before the last coat of polyurethane to give it that aged look. I like how it turned out. I still have a bit of detailing to do. The little grooves in the legs and around the bottom of the table top will be painted a light, creamy brown.

I have several more big furniture projects like this—the matching china hutch and buffet, set of dining chairs, a dresser, desk, and a storage chest. Not to mention all my other crafts I’ve been wanting to do. I have so many materials, I don’t know what to do with them all. Buttons, fabric, ribbon, candle holders, mirrors, an old window, scrapbook paper, construction paper, and lots of paint.

Luckily, I have Pinterest.

Pinterest is a sort of social pinning board, a lot like Tumblr, but instead of one person posting, it’s a conglomeration of people. And of course, you can follow certain boards (DIY & Crafts, Art, Geek, Photography, Home D├ęcor, etc) and specific people. The entire site is just pictures from other websites, credited and everything, and it updates instantaneously.

I’m so addicted to it, that I spent about thirty minutes scrolling through the DIY & Crafts board before writing this post.

It’s productive, I promise. All those craft materials? I have outlets now. I have several projects to occupy my time. Some will take a long time, others just a few hours. [Note: I can't seem to link directly to the photos on Pinterest, so if you want the source for each project, you'll have to go to my Pinterest page]

button tree
images printed on old pages of books
scrapbook paper fixed to wood squares
sticks tied together
another button tree
fabric scraps owls


  1. My wife is a Pinterest fanatic; in fact I think she may need a support group. On the upside, though, I've certainly benefited from her zeal; she's found some amazing recipes there!

  2. I love pinterest--it gives me somewhere to save all those things I find, like a virtual scrapbook :)

  3. Rowenna, yes, that's exactly it! i just wish i had time to do all of the amazing crafts i find.