December 9, 2011

preparing for release day

With my book release only a few days away, I’ve been unable to think of anything else. And yesterday, I received the first proof for the paperback version of the novel. I hope to have it available for sale at the same time as the ebook, but depending on lulu’s distribution terms, that may or may not happen. I faintly remember something about six weeks after the proof is approved, but that could have been for a different distribution package.

I only have a few changes to make to the paperback. I have to add in a few blank pages so that everything shows up properly. I have to edit the page numbers so that they only show up in the actual story rather than beginning to end. Which was something I didn’t think was possible. Google proved me wrong. I never knew you could break a document into sections in MS Word. The more you know….

I also have to make some cover adjustments. Right now, it’s a bit too dark and blurry. The title on the spine is cut off a bit. The front cover graphic is too close to the edge, and the back cover blurb is too blurry. Something to do with all the resizing I had to do. Also, the back cover is a bit dull, so I’m going to add some gear graphics to it. I’m going to work on fixing those things today.

It’s so weird holding a copy of my book. Even though it’s self-published, there’s something about seeing it exist beyond a digital medium. I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do with the proof copy. I’ve thought about giving it away, but it’s really not high-quality enough, in my opinion, mainly because of the cover problems. So I may just keep it for my own bookshelf. Or if I think of some creative use later, I'll do that.

Regardless, it will be available as a paperback eventually, if not straightaway. Here’s some pretty pictures of the proof:

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Isn't that the best feeling in all the world? Holding something you creating with lots of sweat and tears and time and more sweat. Something you can be proud of.


  2. Ooh, pretty! Good luck with the layout fixes, and especially on release day!

  3. What a beautiful book! Congrats, friend!