February 3, 2012

january sales

I don't usually do multiple posts in a day, but since it's Friday, you get a treat. I generally post random stuff on Friday, but since I failed to blog properly on Monday because I was sick, I didn't want to have two non-writing posts in the same week. And, I wanted to get the last of the punctuation posts out of the way. I figure you might not mind if I toss in my January sales numbers. Normally, I probably would have tacked them onto the end of whatever post happened to go up that day, but since the Back to Basics posts will probably be popular for a while, I figure six months from now, no one will care what my sales were in January.

Anyway... sales. Obviously, I didn't do nearly as well as I did in December (compare here), but I didn't expect to. Here's the breakdown.

January Sales for The Clockwork Giant

Kindle: 5 copies; $17.20 in royalties
Kindle International: 0
Nook: 3 copies; $9.72 in royalties
Smashwords: 1 copy; $4.06 in royalties
Third-party through Smashwords: 0
Lulu: 0
Createspace: 2 copies; $6.92 in royalties

So, for January, I sold eleven copies of my book, twelve if you count the one refund (which I don't). I made $37.90 in royalties for the month of January. I knew that sales would slow down, and I expected to sell about 10-15 copies a month after the release. But reviews are coming in nicely. I have ten reviews on Amazon right now, with a 4-star average.

Kindle is still the leader in sales,  though not nearly as big of a difference as last month. Amazon is clearly my biggest seller, since I sold seven copies of the eleven through them. But Nook is holding steady, and I got my first Smashwords sale. Hopefully, the Smashwords sales will go up now that the book is available for Kobo, iBooks, and Sony Reader. I didn't expect any sales from Lulu. The only reason the book was available there to begin with was because it took so long for the paperback to go up on CreateSpace. I probably won't include it in future sales numbers.

So far, I'm pleased with my sales, though they're nothing spectacular. Some people might be disappointed with such low numbers, but I'm not. I'm weird. Though, I will admit, I was kind of stressing two weeks ago when I had only sold five copies.

As always, if you want to buy my book, you can click on the links in the sidebar, and they'll take you to the appropriate website.

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