September 10, 2012

more vlogging!

New vlog. Transcript below. Also... stupid face and bad hair.

This is my second vlog. Last week, I wrote 6700 words from Tuesday to Friday (edit: 8300 words. I forgot to log my words on Friday because of a power outage). Those were new words. I also added 2500 words from a deleted scene. It was a scene that I wrote about eight chapters ago—not quite sure on the wordcount or how many weeks ago that was—but it didn’t quite fit. So I put it aside, and I finally got to use it this past week. The manuscript is now at 70,600 words (edit: 72,200. Bad math). I’m hoping for another 20-30,000 before I reach the end.

Writing last week was difficult. Obviously. Tuesday sucked. It was the evil Tuesday that was really a Monday. I hate those. Difficult was with the character-centric scenes, more feely emotionally blerg stuff that I’m not good with, but I think I’m past that now, back to plot-centric scenes now. Should be easy writing… hopefully. That would be really nice, to not have to work really hard. You know, no one likes to work.

The characters have reached the final destination of their journey, and that’s really exciting because there’s something about reaching the end and just knowing that the story is almost over, you’re almost there, and everything you’ve been working for, for weeks, for hundreds—not hundreds—tens of thousands of words. Sorry. Brooke do math good. It’s just so exciting getting to this point. I forgot how much I love it. I remember the first novel I ever finished, which was an earlier version of this one, I got to the last final chapters and I was like a writing fiend. I wrote like 6000 words a day until I finished. I mean, it was, insane. It was utter crap, but it was the greatest feeling, you know, just finishing something, finishing a novel of all things. So it’s really exciting to back at that point. So I’m really excited if you can’t tell.

I get to do the big climax scene, the big final fight, and I’m looking forward to that. The first time I wrote it, I didn’t do a very good job. It was utter crap, like I said. Hopefully, this time, I can do it right. But I’m looking forward to it.

The only problems I think I’m going to encounter are going to be plot-related. I know, I just got through the character-centric stuff and was having a really hard time with that and now I’m going to get plot-stuff, which should be easy. But when I plotted the book, I didn’t do these last chapters in a whole lot of detail because I wasn’t really quite sure what I wanted to happen. I mean, I knew the basics: I want them to get to this point and this is the big thing that is going to happen. But I didn’t really think about the little things leading up to it. I think I’ll be okay. I’ll let my inner pantser come out—that sounds like a lot of fun, I’ll do that. It may work. It may not. If it’s fun and I get the words down, revision will take care of everything else.

I do have the feeling that these last chapters are going to need the most work when I do come to revisions. At least I know that going in to it. It makes it easier.

Anyway, almost to the end. Won’t reach it this week, obviously. I should finish end of September to early October which was the plan anyway.

Hope you guys have a good week. I’ll be around. So, see you next week.

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