December 22, 2010

holiday contest!

In lieu of wisdom, I offer you a contest!

Now, this one isn’t going to be as easy as the last one (just kidding… yes it is), but the prize is still the same:

Any book under $20 from The Book Depository!
(you may choose more than one book as long as the total is under $20)

Here are the rules:

You must be a follower of either my blog or Twitter (new or old)
You must comment on this post, and your comment must include:
  • your hopes for next year
  • a link to the book you want

Now, for points!

Following rules: +5
Read and comment (intelligently) on other posts: +1 for each post (up to +10)
Tweet about the contest: +1
Mention the contest on your blog: +1
Dedicate a blog post to the contest: +3
Send me a batch of chocolate chip cookies: +20
Send me oatmeal raisin cookies: -150

If you tweet about the contest, make sure you mention me @brookenomicon. If you mention the contest through your blog, please provide a link in the comments so I can verify.

The contest runs from now until the ball drops (0:00, 1/1/11). I’ll announce the winner(s) January 3rd.

To conclude this contest announcement, my hopes for next year:
… get a request for a partial or full of my first novel.
… finish the first draft of my second novel.
… continue blogging every day and double my followers.
… lose ten pounds.
… spread the word about Hogglepot.
… stay positive, no matter what hurdles life throws at me.

Have a wonderful day, and

Happy Holidays!

edit: my husband would like me to inform everyone that it's his hard-earned money you're winning.


  1. Nice contest!
    My hopes for next year are get my book published (which requires an agent and editor or self-publishing) Find a good job since I'm leaving my current one behind and save up for a new(er) car. is the book I'd love to win ^^

    +5 following rules
    +1 for tweeting
    (what would you do if someone actually sent you the cookies? lol)

  2. How exciting!

    My hopes for next year are: getting my father's final affairs in order, actually completing a story to send to Hogglepot, getting a car that runs, and spend as much time with Seb as possible.

    The book I would like:

  3. The rules are too complicated. My point total may vary between now and the 1st....

    Hopes for new year: produced movies of the screenplays that have been bought/optioned....

  4. Ahhh, my hopes for next year. I hope that my social media business takes off. I hope my fiance finds employment. And, here's a writing related hope for next year: I hope to be published, be it self or otherwise! *fingers crossed*

    Here's the books I'd like if I happen to win:

    I've tweeted the contest and I've commented on other blog posts. You already know I follow you here and on twitter.

    Here's to a fantastic 2011! Thanks for the contest.


  5. A contest! I like contests!!

    Of course, the bookdepository site flung me into UK-land and I got everyting in pounds sterling (£) but, still, I hope it counts and I can do the conversion and limit myself. They ship worldwide for free.

    I'd be tickled cyan, magenta, yellow and maybe even black to win this book:

    But if the budget's tight, would be a good one because it's cheaper and I want to write a book for my grandchildren anyway.

    I tweeted about your contest. And set up Tweetdeck do so regularly on your behalf (and mine). You've inspired me to mention you in my blog--but it's pretty new (like, today!) so I'll think about that one if I may and do my second post and update you.

    As I am in the UK, I don't know if you'll get the cookies I made just now (yeah, right) so I might send you a photo and a scratch 'n sniff card and eat them myself. I don't suppose that's worth much but I'd have fun doing it.

    My first hope for 2011 is that I win your contest, of course. This is, after all, about priorities and you should be clear where mine are.

    My other 2011 hopes are that I am able to get self, husband and two Alaskan Malamutes safely moved to Malaysia on or before March 2011 without incident and whilst finishing the edits on my NaNoWriMo novel; writing a second novel while living in Malaysia and not working for the year; publishing or self-publishing one or both books or being well along the way to doing so.

    Finally, I hope that ALL of us finish our novels and get the darned things out there and change the world with our talent, vision and drive.


  6. So, let's see here.

    Following rules: +5

    I think I've commented intelligently on, like, four posts?: +4

    Tweeted about the contest: +1

    Dedicated a blog post to this contest: +3

    And the cookies will be with the wife and I when we come see you tomorrow: +20

    Total: +33?

    My hopes for the new year?

    To be a decent teacher, to get hired in Rogers or somewhere in the area, to be able to find a decent house, to continue my blog without drowning in work, to continue improving on my writing, and to hopefully get something published.

    Whoo hoo!

  7. Whoops. Link to book:

  8. Following rules: +5
    Tweet about the contest: +1

    My hopes for next year? Finish the WIP already and start the new one in earnest. And get an agent. (Trying to be hopeful about that one.)

    I'd do the blog comments as well, but I'm running late for work. That'll teach me to do things last minute!

  9. Hopes for the next year? To finally finish writing my book. It seems like it's taking me forever.

    Book I Want: Shadowfever -

    +5 Followed the rules
    +1 Tweet:
    +1 Sidebar: