December 30, 2010

looking to 2011

While I wait ever so patiently for the New Year to get here, I’ll throw out another post of me rambling about things. I need to take a break from all those helpful posts I put up over the past three months and give you guys some garbage to munch on. Also, I’m sick with who knows what, so I don’t really feel like thinking today. I have to conserve my energy for writing later.

Non-writing things I’m looking forward to next year…

I’m starting a new D&D campaign sometime in the next month or two, which I am really excited about. It will be my first time DMing an entire campaign, so expect lots of comparisons between writing and D&D in 2011. I’m still not sure what the campaign will focus on, though I suspect my love of Eastern mythology will shine through. That’s in addition to the campaign that I’ve been playing with another group of friends that will hopefully lead us to epic tier (and steampunk!)

I can’t wait for the release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for the Wii (though I’m not certain it will actually come out next year… fingers crossed for that one), and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which I’ll be buying for Xbox360 in November ((nerdgasm)). There are several other games I’ve been wanting to play that I hope to get a hold of this coming year: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, Warioware: D.I.Y., Kirby’s Epic Yarn, and Goldeneye. I’ll also be playing Epic Mickey and Raving Rabbids Travel in Time, which I got for Christmas.

Looking forward to a fun spring and fall of tent-camping, hiking, and other outdoorsy activities… hopefully we’ll go canoeing or kayaking next year since we didn’t get the chance this year.

I’m also going to do less internet surfing next year, and work instead on decorating my house. I spent $300 on craft and décor supplies this week, so I should have a year’s worth of projects ahead of me. So, I’m definitely looking forward to having things on my walls. I also still need to paint our bathrooms, two bedrooms, the laundry room, and the dining room. Hopefully, the husband will decide to splurge on renovations next year, and we can start working on replacing our floors and windows, remodeling our bathrooms and the kitchen, and maybe finish the multimedia network cabling. There is also a lot of garden work to be done once the weather warms up. I have some bushes that have been begging to be chainsawed down. Can’t wait to get rid of those evil plants.

And of course, for the writerly things, I want to find an agent and finish at least one additional novel. I’ll also be doing a lot of reading, due to both the 2011 Debut Author Challenge and the several books I’ve been waiting to read but haven’t had the time.

So, here’s to a year of productivity!

In other news: the lovely Diane has updated her Thursday’s Novelists page to include an interview with yours truly. So, should you wish to read a long and hopefully somewhat exciting Q&A, head on over there.

Again, don't forget about my contest!


  1. I'm really hoping to find a house in your area and get hired at a school. I'm super nervous that I'll be a teacher soon. Can you believe it? I've seen the enemy, and he is myself.

    I finished a story for the hogglepot, but I haven't sent it yet, because I haven't proofread it yet.

    Here's a rockin' new year, and maybe some super awesome You/Me/Steph/Aaron hijinks, eh?

  2. Best of luck in the agent hunt!