December 15, 2010

blog promotion

This should be a no-brainer seeing as you are reading this right now, but…

Read (and Comment on) Writing Blogs.

You don’t have to read every single one, but take it from me, I’ve learned more about the writing industry and writing itself in the past six months of reading blogs than I did in college. I should have started reading blogs years ago, but I was slow to enter the blogosphere, slow to enter the world outside of the people that I knew personally. I did it finally, and I’m glad that I did.

It goes further than just reading. Commenting on others’ blogs is a sort of self-promotion. If you have something interesting to add, or if you answer a difficult question, the blogger and other readers may want to find out more about you, leading to more followers on Twitter or your own blog. Your social platform will grow, and you may make some friends. I have.

So to help you guys out a bit, here are my favorite writing blogs and sites (in alphabetical order). They range from published to unpublished writers and new and old agents. They all have something special to offer. Feel free to add your favorite writing blogs in the comments. I’m still looking for more helpful websites for my own journey.

Again, if you have any to add, please say so in the comments below!


  1. Blogs I like to read:

    Neil Gaiman's

    John Scalzi's

    Sarah Dessen.

    Maureen Johnson (when she updates)

    and Libba Bray (also not a common updater, but a good read nonetheless).

  2. Great post! And not just because I'm at the top of your "must read" blog list. hahaha!

    Seriously, great tip about posting on other people's blogs. It's a perfect "social" way of building your own platform. Just make sure you have "something" to say. Just saying hi doesn't brand you the way you want.

    Among others, here's a blog that I follow: