November 11, 2011

brb... skyrim

So, at the precise moment of you reading this, I am doing something along these lines:

I have been waiting for this game since there was just a hint that it might just happen. And oh my god Nordic setting? Did you see the dragons? Dragons! And the beauty of the landscape, and the utter brilliance of the new graphic engine. And a men's choir singing the theme in Draconic. Draconic, people. How cool is that? I will not lie. The main theme makes me tear up a bit. Just a bit though.

This one actually does make me cry. Don't make fun.

And here are some more videos for your viewing pleasure. Check out more at


  1. GORGEOUS <3 And OMG that trailer. And the song, the song, the song. I'm geek enough to have chills <3 <3 <3

    Skyrim is seriously as exciting as Morrowind was way back. (Oblivion was great too, don't get me wrong, but in terms of changing gameplay Morrowind was beyond epic :D)

  2. Holy. Fricking. Cow! I want this game!!!!!!!!

  3. Seriously. I played until about 5:30 this morning, and I'm about to jump in and start playing again.

    Marieke, I know! Honest to goodness makes me cry every time. I never got the chance to play Morrowind (didn't even know about TES until Oblivion), but Skyrim is beyond amazing, beyond expectations. I'll be playing this for a LONG time.

    Reece, you should get it! It's amazing :)

  4. I am not surprised, it's EPIC <3

    I think Morrowind is still one of my favorites, even after all that time. Part of that will be nostalgia, but it's also such a gorgeous game with so many possibilities and so intuitive. It holds a special place on my games shelf :)