November 21, 2011

giveaway winners!

So, I held a giveaway last week if you didn't notice. I had a total of 37 (I think) entrants over all four social networks.

A breakdown for you people who like numbers:

24 entrants on Google+ (I have 600+ followers)
6 on Facebook (29 followers. woot.)
8 on Twitter (260+ followers)
11 on the blog (95 followers)

A few people entered on every network, some just one, and others two or three. The giveaway was as successful as I expected it to be, though in unexpected ways. I expected more Twitter entrants and not nearly so many Google+ entrants. So that was a surprise, a good surprise. My collected experience now tells me that Google+ is a really good promotion/marketing tool. Your mileage may vary.

Now for the winners!


Reece Hanzon 


Rosemary Crawford


Peter Smalley
Harold Chester
Sonia Medeiros

and finally, the blog:

Angela Brown


So, as for you winners, send me an email to with your choice of for Kindle, .epub for everything else, and .pdf for you people without ereaders--and I'll send it right away.

As for you non-winners, I have a special something. Another drawing!

Robin McIntyre

You also get a copy of my book, so send me an email with your choice of format.

Now, really, for the rest of you... unfortunately, you have to wait another three weeks before my book becomes available for purchase. But, I will be having another giveaway the day after the release, so there will be another chance to win!

Thanks to all of you who entered and those of you who have been with me since I first had the crazy idea to write a steampunk novel. You're awesome.

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  1. I have only ever heard of "steampunk" from you, Brooke, so I am interested in reading your book. I have Kindle, so that works for me

    I will, of course, send comments after I read! Good luck with your promotions. I will do my best to help. Thanks in advance for the advance copy!