August 16, 2012

WriteOnCon 2012 wrap-up

So, apparently, I took this week off. After dutifully commenting on posts at WriteOnCon Monday and Tuesday, I woke up Wednesday wanting to do nothing more than curl up on the couch and marathon Downton Abbey. And I did.

As a result, I didn't read, view, or participate in any WriteOnCon events, so as you can imagine, I don't have a wrap-up for you. Instead, here are links to all of the events to view at your pleasure:
I do plan on going back and reading/watching these articles/vlogs when I have a better mindset for it. I think I just needed a few days off from writing and the internet entirely. For those of you who participated in the forums, I hope you received excellent feedback on your queries and pages. I got pretty good feedback on my first pages, so that was nice.

Monday, I have a guest post from R. K. MacPherson, author of Antigone’s Fall, and I have a few interviews set up with indie authors that should pop up over the next several weeks.

Hope you all have a good weekend. :)


  1. I really enjoyed the forum event with Peter Knapp. Getting the literary agent's perspective was very helpful. Getting to understanding the rejections people received was an eye opener.

  2. Downton Abbey FTW! Great link roundup--I was way too swamped um, writing, this year to participate fully in WriteOn (ironic, eh?), so being able to browse these is a real bonus!